Bar Needle - Tri-Mags

Bar Needle - Tri-Mags
Lockdown Tri-Mag Needles
For that stipple, pepper and grainy dot-shading, Lockdown has what you need.
(Also available in cartridges, see the cartridge tab above)
The Lockdown "TRI-MAGS" are a revolutionary grouping. They are constructed from our Tight 3 Liner needles soldered into a "mag" formation. For example the TRI-MAG 3 is made from 3 x Tight Liner 3's (9 total pins). The TRI-MAG 4 is 4 x Tight Liner 3's (12 total pins) and the TRI-MAG 5 is 5 x Tight Liner 3's (15 total pins). They are spaced to give the perfect dot-stipple shade! 

Tri-Mag 3 use 7F Tip, Tri-Mag 4 use 9F Tip, Tri-Mag 5 use 13F Tip! 
  • Consistent Throughout
  • Precision manufactured 
  • Ready to use 
  • Box count 50